Developing Tourism Itineraries across North East Wales

A groundbreaking, project, developed by The Clwydian Range Tourism Group. A coordinator was appointed to develop tourist itineraries working with accommodation providers, hospitality business and activity providers to encourage visitors to come and explore the best of North East Wales, and stay longer.

A recent feasibility study considered potential models in which our tourism offer can be more integrated, making best use of the area’s unique cultural heritage, landscape, food, language and identity, providing easier access for the tourist, encouraging more and longer stays and consequent business benefits to the sector.

The STAY EAT DO project:

  • Worked with accommodation providers, hospitality businesses and activity providers to develop tourism itineraries that integrate STAY, EAT DO with the aim of creating more and longer stays within the area.
  • Worked with identified partners in the marketing of the itineraries
  • Developed a sustainable model for taking the Stay, Eat & Do concept beyond the duration of this project.

Specifically, the Project:

Engaged with tourism businesses across North East Wales in order to develop a range of visitor itineraries with STAY EAT DO elements.

These itineraries included a variety of approaches:

  • Some with a specific activity focus
  • Some mixed activity
  • A variety of durations eg weekend, long weekend, week
  • A variety of target markets eg older cultural explorer couples, active family explorers, pre family explorers and scenic explorer couples
    Themed weekends eg wellness, music, culture & heritage
  • Linking with Visit Wales, themed years and the proposed Wales Way routes

Worked with businesses within each itinerary to ensure familiarisation with the other businesses and to secure full engagement in promoting the itinerary through their existing marketing channels.

Developed routes to market for the itineraries including :

  • Worked with an identified online marketing partner
  • Created and implemented a marketing plan including national press coverage, social media presence, regular blogs

STAY EAT DO final report

The Stay Eat Do project ended in March 2021 although Clwydian Range Tourism Group are keen to continue the good practice learned during the project, that of networking, communication and getting great local businesses working together. Read the final report here:

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